Four Characters from Ulysses

Performance in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication in Paris of James Joyce’s celebrated ground-breaking novel Ulysses on February 2nd 1922. Set in Dublin on a single day, June 16th, 1904, the book features many residents of that city, some based on real historical characters.  However, three fictional characters – the young man Stephen Dedalus, the older Leopold Bloom, and his wife Molly Bloom –  dominate the book, as does the ever-present geography, language and character of the City of Dublin.  With brief performed excerpts from the book, The Here Comes Everybody Players will brought to life each of these characters and their connections with one another.  The programme was introduced by Joyce scholar Katherine O’Callaghan of U Mass Amherst and was punctuated with live music. 

Watch the recording on YouTube here: