The Birth of Here Comes Everybody

In 2010, "The Here Comes Everybody Players" was born.

Our name connects James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to our central mission: creating engaging, inclusive content for modern audiences.

We first performed as The Here Comes Everybody Players at an event sponsored by the Boston College Irish Studies Program in 2010 commemorating the works of James Joyce. 

A Journey Through Academia

Invitations to Joyce conferences and academic events followed, including performances in Boston, Toronto, Antwerp, and Trieste, marked a new chapter in the group's journey. These academic engagements expanded our influence and reach.

Embracing Irish Literary Heritage

From Joyce to Yeats, Beckett, and Flann O'Brien, our repertoire grew, reflecting a rich Irish literary, poetic and musical tradition. Performances at the Boston-area Lit Crawl showcased our commitment to making art accessible to all.

Performing Everywhere: From Cemeteries to Comic Shops

Our performances in unconventional venues like cemeteries, naval vessels, breweries, and even comic shops added a unique flavor to their work, embodying the spirit of "Here Comes Everybody."

Adapting and Thriving During the Pandemic

The pandemic led to innovation, with collaborations for Zoom performances reaching a global audience. Adaptations of works by Flann O'Brien, Deirdre Kinahan, James Joyce and many others kept the artistic flame alive.

Bloomsday Celebrations and Dublin Connections

Performances for Bloomsday in Dublin, including a special celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Joyce's Dubliners, deepened the group's connection to Irish literary heritage, inviting audiences to participate in the joy of storytelling.

Building Boston's Irish Theatre Company

The transformation into a registered not-for-profit corporation in 2022 and 2023 marked a new era. With a vision of becoming Boston's Irish Theatre Company, Here Comes Everybody continues to honor and celebrate modern Irish drama.