On The Road

After a successful opening run in Cambridge, Ma (February 2024)

 Bumbled is hitting the road!

Bumbled is also available for booking at other venues by arrangement.

Contact: info@hce-players.org or Tir Na Productions 

‘The one man show sees actor Colin Hamell take on the roles of pretty much every bee in the hive in a stunning tour de force that is as unique, as it is brave.’

"Life is short. Especially if you’re a bee. Not long to make honey, prop up the human food chain, and to fall in love. Bumbled follows Pascal, an Irish honey bee, as he embarks on a hilarious and poignant journey to tell the world about the importance of bees, save the planet, and to find true happiness with his French girlfriend, the epic Marion ….all while trying to avoid his balls exploding, his manhood falling off and certain death. Bumbled brings you on a one person, bee-twerking, Irish slow-dancing, sex dodging, odyssey - where "too late, often comes sooner than you think".

Parental discretion advised – some strong language and sexual references

Feedback from the audience

“A delightful production”.

“This Irish bee served up his message to us bumbling humans so well sauced with honey and humor, that he won our rapturous attention and applause”

“It was fun – part comedy, part science lesson and part climate advocacy – never experienced anything quite like it”

Upcoming Performances

As part of the 1st Irish Festival, Bumbled is scheduled to play at

Queens, New York

April 3 & 4, 2024

Bronx, New York

April 6 & 7, 2024